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March was one of the most exciting month thus far in 2016! Nintendo began early on with a nice Direct and Square Enix ended it which has a bang which has a ton of Final Fantasy XV announcements. Plus a lot of great games launched like The Division. So without further delay, let us get to everything that happened in March 2016.

‘Yesterday Origins’ could be the latest adventure game from developer Pendulo Studios, the corporation behind one of the best adventure game series on the PC, ‘Runaway.’ The title follows John Yesterday, with his fantastic partner Pauline, immortals who own an antiques store in Paris. The story takes place across current and medieval eras, by way of a group of flashbacks, that can even take gamers returning to the Spanish Inquisition, as a young John runs afoul in the church, and it is imprisoned for witchcraft. The main story occurs in today’s day however, and will have players switching between John and Pauline, as they seek the origins of immortality, joined by a strong cast of characters, who all get their
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own plans for the duo.

People who love time management planning and building games will absolutely adore this challenging release, and the best thing about farmville is that it will not end once you beat it. Once you beat the game, you have to turn back and earn the Expert title for many 62 boards. Once that takes place, Expert Mode unlocks on the map, and you’ll now enter a scary whirlpool to take care of more challenges.

That Dragon, Cancer: Numinous Games developed That Dragon, Cancer for Mac and PC, which can be in line with the brave and wrenching biographical works of Amy and Ryan Green that’s determined by their son Joel’s fight with cancer. It can be a difficult game to see mainly because it challenges you in unexpected ways. The game is incredibly personal as you have to watch a heart-breaking period of a family’s life and they are assigned vignettes.

‘Odysseus: Long Way’ assures a ton of excitement and is also indeed a recall of one’s colorful childhood. Both children and adults will love to experience the bingo. While playing, you’re able to enjoy excellent environments and objects which will catch your whims. When you set on your own courageous journey from Troy you’ll meet mermaids, sirens, etc. However, you have to make use of wit to live through the dangers that crosses on your path. This PC game is fascinating with its ancient myths, ornaments and Greek times.

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